Random Ramblings of a Ruined Writer

College confuses. Writing rewards. Playtime is over and soon I'll be bored. Classmates constrain. Family fails. I just carry on in my strange little tale.

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Crafts and services starting at only 5 dollars.  Orders would really help me out.  The funds go towards paying my rent. Keep me from being homeless!

Please Help Me

I need help.  This and fiverr.com are my only sources of income right now.  I need to make fifty dollars before the end of march or I’m going to be evicted from my apartment.  Please help me out and make a purchase!


I hate to beg, but if anyone can afford a purchase it would really be helping me out.


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Once again I am asking for orders.  It’s not much to ask.  It’s five dollars plus 2-5 dollars for shipping depending on what you get.  It would really help me out.

“Everyone regrets something; there’s no shame in it. You’re more of a monster if you truly live free of regrets, because the moment you accidentally back over someone’s Corgi, only a super dick smiles and yells “YOLO” before driving off.”

—   Felix Clay (via cracked)

(via cracked)

For sale: Beautiful handmade jewelry.  Everything you see, and custom orders.  Inspired by music, TV shows, movies and characters.  I can really use the orders, they help keep me from being homeless.

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Handmade Jewelry for sale!
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Your purchases are greatly appreciated.  They keep me from being homeless.

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